Bryant Boats

Website design for a runabout boat company. The aim was to update their brand's look and feel. We wanted to reflect the quality and craftsmanship they put into each and every boat.

My roles on this project were design, illustration, icon design, and interaction design.

Client: Bryant Boats

Agency: The Tombras Group

The home page sets the mood with subtle animation. You can almost feel the warm rays of sun and bob of the boat in the video above.

Boat List

Here the user begins exploring boats. To help it not feel daunting, a filtering system narrows down the choices. The filter is a friendly tool to both new and experienced boaters.

Boat Detail

The user's interest has been peaked. They now can find out more details about the boat.

Customize Boat

This boat is starting to sound good, but maybe isn't the color of choice. Let's remedy that.

That's feeling better.

Now that it's been customized the user can share their creation with the world, or send an email convincing their spouse the need for this new boat. Meanwhile, they can ping the closest dealership to find out availability.


In the Craftsmanship section, the story of Bryant's building process is told.

Each section talks about an aspect of their building process.

Bryant prides themselves on their craftsmen and women. These are the hands behind each boat.

Each section has a looping background video that creates atmosphere as seen in the video above.

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