Country Music Hall of Fame

Responsive design concept. What began as a pitch soon evolved into a personal project. I built on the initial work which became more of an exercise in process and thinking.

The roles I focused on were visual, UI, and motion design.

Client: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Personal Work

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (Preserve) owns two other entities: Historic RCA Studio B (Create) & Hatch Show Print (Promote). The three titles (Create, Preserve, Promote) serve two purposes. They describe the role of each entity, yet unify them as a whole.


Home Page

The homepage features a video introducing Country Music (the dominant circle at the top of the page) and interactive snippets about current exhibits. Below shows the content choreography for different screen sizes.

Subpage - Exhibits & Collections

Tertiary - Specific Exhibit

The goal was to create an interactive experience that matched the quality of the museum exhibits. These pages would highlight artifacts with interactive hotspots that utilize CMHF's vast library of videos, images, and audio.

Tertiary - Specific Collection

Subpage - Inductees

Again, the goal was to create a visual and interactive way to explore the content. A more utilitarian (list) approach was also included to find Hall of Fame inductees quickly.

Tertiary - Specific HoF Bio


Main - Large

Main - Medium & Small

Sub Nav - L

Sub Nav - M & S

Tertiary Nav - L

Tertiary Nav - M & S

Search - L

Search - M & S

Events & Contact - L

Events & Contact - M & S


Hotspot - Soundbite

Artist Info

Hotspot - Description