Member Savings

A tool for members to utilize and track offers.

My primary role on this project was design and art direction, and had a support role in UI/UX design. Member Savings is currently in development. Coming soon to the App Store.

Client: Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation

Agency: The Tombras Group

A tool for Farm Bureau TN members to utilize and track offers.

Home - Non-member

Non-members are allowed full access to the app, minus the ability to redeem an offer.



About Us

Home - Member

A 'Favorites' card is enabled for registered members. The current location is used by default, but can be changed manually.

Main Menu

The menu is available from anywhere in the app by swiping from the left side of the screen.

Offers List

Category List

Offer Detail

The user can 'Favorite' and/or redeem an offer.
The Redeem button then becomes the barcode or offer code.


My Rewards - Claimed Offers

The user can see a total of their accumulated savings. They can toggle between the current month, year, and total savings.