The portfolio of Isaac Martin, a multidisciplinary designer. Currently a Designer at The Graphic Standard.



Web | Concept, Design, Motion & Art Dir.

Aflac came for a homepage refresh. We found that many folks knew Aflac for “the duck” but didn’t actually know who they were or what they did. Their existing homepage was on the extreme utilitarian end of the spectrum and didn’t give any context. We aimed to evolve it into something fun, reassuring, and educational while still providing utility.

I was able to help develop the overall concept, set the design direction, motion studies via interactive prototypes, as well as oversee two other designers.

Seasonal Visuals
Adding depth

We wanted to provide deeper context to help prospective customers know who Aflac is and what they do. We also wanted to help facilitate a deeper connection, showing candid photography that told a story. And finally, carrying that depth into the site design and experience with interactive tools and parallax scrolling.

Lightening the mood

The overall art direction aimed to reassure, ease the mindset as prospective customers shop for a complicated service. We developed an icon/illustration style that was clear and simple without being sterile. The interface and interactions followed suit with airy whitespace and simple animations.

Counting costs

Aflac had a simple cost calculator buried deep within their site. We surfaced it to the homepage to help illustrate more clearly how Aflac could help cover medical costs.