The portfolio of Isaac Martin, a multidisciplinary designer. Currently a Designer at The Graphic Standard.

Odigo Auto Insurance


App | Concept, Design, & Motion

A large insurance company spun out a startup to create a rewarding, behavior-based model that was all based on an app.

I was apart of the initial branding concept team, helping them develop the visual identity. Once the branding was settling in, I transitioned onto the product team, helping define the app functionality and visuals. To be completely transparent, they ended up scrapping the name, the identity, as well as most everything you see below. It was a fun and rewarding project nonetheless.

The App

From quotes to claims to customer service, everything you need is in the app. It also uses the smarts of your phone to assess your good (or bad) driving habits. How much and how cautious you drive determines how much you save, and it’s all in real-time.


This is your home dashboard. It gives a snapshot of your overall score, trips taken, last month’s savings, and any other relevant activity.After each trip you take, you get a score which is then averaged into your overall score. The higher your score, the lower your bill. If you have a bad driving habit, Odigo will set up mini challenges each month to help you brake those and establish safer ones. So in addition to savings, they’ll reward you with things like a free car wash.


This is where you get the nitty gritty details of your coverage as well as access to your documents like Proof of Insurance card. If you need to change your coverage, you can do so at anytime since everything is calculated in real-time.


This is where you’ll see how many days you’ve been incident free. To further incentivize, there are tiers of achievement that unlock different rewards or discounts. Again, the safer you are, the cheaper you are. This is also where you’ll go in the unfortunate event that you do need to file a claim or get roadside assistance.

Profile & Settings

Pretty straightforward here. Moved? Got a new credit card? Too many or too little notifications? This is where you can manage all of that. Simply and easily change your contact and payment info, or update your privacy and notification settings.

Ask Odigo

You may have noticed the persistent help bubble at the top of each screen. Just tap that sucker and you have instant access to your personal Odigo virtual assistant. If the virtual assistant can’t find what you’re looking for, you have the option to talk or chat with a human-being.


If you prefer to talk to someone on the phone, you have the option of calling them or having them call you so you don’t have to wait on hold. Again, you’ll be connected to a real person that has access to your info and past inquiries so they know how best to help you.


Chat is asynchronous. That means you can ask your question, and instead of waiting for a response, you can get back to your day while customer service gets to work on your question or issue. Come back when it’s convenient for you and pick up where you left off.